Yoga is the journey by the self...

Through the self... To the self.


About Juliana’s Art of Yoga


Located in the heart of Coral Springs, Juliana’s Art of Yoga was established in 1994 and by 2013 expanded to a larger location on West Sample Rd. Juliana believes that yoga is for everyone, that is why she offer a variety of yoga styles, heated and non-heated classes, power flows and gentle yoga, yin and healing classes.

Our teachers are loving, compassionate and professional, and they all have been awarded 200 to 500 hours of Yoga Alliance certification. Yoga Alliance recognizes yoga teachers who have achieved a minimum standard of training and experience.

Our goal is to embrace each student’s needs, search for personal growth, while guiding them into a deeper understanding of the internal and external forms of the practice.

Classes are appropriate for students new to yoga, and for more experienced students wishing to deepen their understanding of the subtleties of alignment, movement and breath control within the practice. Sun Salutations, standing postures, basic seated postures, beginning back bends and appropriate variations are included. Instruction is flexible and modifications are available for every pose according to the specific student’s needs. This is critical for students who following physical or psychological injury, are in urgent need of therapy, healing and muscular repair.

We welcome your questions and feedback.


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